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Personal, Auto, and Work Injury Claims

Whether you have been in a fender-bender or incurred a life-changing injury, we are here to help you on your road to recovery because we want to see you return to the things and people you love. We limit unnecessary complexity and offer goal-oriented treatment plans so you do not have to wonder how long before your case will close.

Personal Injury

Dr. Werth will work directly with your attorney and their representatives to help you carry the burden of the medical claims process and ease your mind about receiving the right attention at the right time without falling out of care. 


Automotive Injury

We have worked with both small and large auto insurance carriers to navigate motor vehicle claims. All you need to provide is your basic information and a claim number, then we will handle it from there.


Worker's Compensation

Work injuries happen. Whether, hitting or lifting something awkwardly one time or repetitive loading over time, we work with you and your employer to recover your ability to work and maintain your livelihood well into the future.

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